Bathrooms should have a pleasant atmosphere.  Every one spends an average of about half an hour a day in the bathroom.  The older you get, the longer you stay in the bathroom.

Accessible bathroom are to be designed so that they can be used appropriately for people with wheelchairs and rollators, and of blind and partially sighted people.


People spend up to 40 percent and more of their daily time in the kitchen.

The kitchen is usually an expression of personal lifestyle and often the most used room in the apartment/house
It should therefore be adapted to the needs of residents and should be general cozy, comfortable, practical and safe.

The motto here is – “All you have to grab and press should be easily accessible and in a easy storage system ” – in particular. Small changes have often been a remarkably positive effect.


In a barrier-free living environment the bedroom must – because of the possible long residence time – be regarded as a lounge.

Adapted to the individual needs and through a personal cozy living space the bedroom provides a comfort atmosphere and support recreation and relaxation.

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