Low Tech

Wedge bridge


  • made from stable aluminum
  • very simple ramp solution
  • weatherproof
  • anti-slip tread surface
  • Height: 1 – 7cm (50cm) or 7-12cm (65cm)
  • suitable for small height differences
  • Ramp is simply placed on stage
  • can be permanently installed by screwing to the step and ground


Aluminum Portable Ramp


  • large space fit to many wheelchairs and vehicles
  • simple folding system generates a long service life of the product
  • perfect for 1 to 2 steps

Improvements and notes

  • a person for support must be reachable all the time like for example use a bell or sign how to reach

High Tech

Telescope ramps- With Anti-Skid Coating


  • rubber Anti-slip cover
  • variable length for individual use
  • rubber on underside for stable stand
  • up to max. 250 kg load capacity
  • easy carrying of the ramps with straps on side

Improvements and notes:

  • price

With perforated panels


  • Anti-skid perforated section
  • Longitudinally adjustable
  • Rubber coating on bottom side
  • Max load up to 320kg
  • easy carrying of the ramps with straps on side
  • You use the ramp for a short or long distance, the ramp is always stable and not shaking so a high stablility and safty is  required.

For further information, refer to manufacturer’s page:

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