Low Tech

Pluggable ramp system

  • simple smart design solution and installation technology
  • Simple Adapted to the situation
  • individual flexible ramp design
  • variety of ramp solutions possible for indoor and outdoor use
  • many products can be converted by their variable design for later adjustment
  • some products can take off single partsor completely reused
  • high differences between from 1cm to 1m and higher

Improvements and notes:

  • consider other option when you need a ramp for a large differences and length
  • the panels replaceable and reusable but not too often

Click on the image below for preview of Pluggable Ramp product:

Pluggable ramp


Panel Ramps with Platforms


Large ramp length in connection with heavy wheelchairs, e.g., with electrical drive, require a change of design and production process.

Aluminium panels offer flexible length and high load-bearing capacity.

  • Ramps with load up to 400 kg
  • With railings on one side, bothside, without

Platforms for panel ramps

Space-saving solutions over corners that can also replace existing platforms. The supporting legs can equalize uneven surfaces.

  • With or without railings
  • Height can be adjusted +/- 5 cm

Refer to manufacturer’s page for more info:


High Tech

Rollable Ramps

  • ramps mostly designed by many added one basic element which make the ramp foldable or rollable
  • adaptable to the situation
  • Lightweight materials and construction therefore easier transport by carrying it
  • simple length adjustment by the producer or even possible by the owner
  • construction kit principle with less basic elements

Improvements and notes:

  • higher prize

Click on the image below for preview of Rollable Ramps product:

Modular ramp high tec

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