• working heights for stove, countertop and sink should be adapted to the  body height directly at planning and installation of the kitchen or through  variable working heights by a lift system.
  • for wheelchair users to drive underneath stove, countertop and sink should be possible.
  • stove, countertop and sink should arranged closed together and in a diaogonal way
  • easy access to the cabinet content with individual storage space and storage options
  • drawers with smooth-running rails
  • more visible through full or part glazing doors and glass shelves in overhead cabinets
  • movable elements and furniture by them self
  • Safety combines with modern design
  • All kitchens can be retrofitted and chanced for more accessibility

Improvements and notes

  • The dining table as an area in the kitchen is a large benefit: in addition to use as a preparation table socialising in kitchen and cooking together is possible.
  • Specified disabled, wheelchair-accessible kitchen through Furnishing, height-adjustable work surfaces and lowerable cabinets systems
  • A lift system that enables cabinets and worktops to be adjusted to the required height makes the work much easier and more enjoyable.

For further information, refer to the manufacturer’s page: