Bedroom – sleeping barrier free

Bedroom – sleeping barrier free

Diameter of movement area should be no less than 1400 mm (QCVN 10:2014) wide along one longitudinal side of the entire bed length and additional front area of the Closets. Along the other longitudinal bed side the movement area can be choosen how needed or so that the wheelchair can approach these bed side in case of need.

  • The bed height should not more than 550 mm incl. Mattress
  • The bed can be equipped with a raising aid, special mattresses, vibrating alarm or security bars according to individual needs where appropriate.
  • Important is a light switch, which can be reached easily from the bed in the dark
  • Ventilation and humidity must be controlled, or be influenced.

The manual clothes lift is available in three different width:
440-610 mm; 600 – 1000 mm; 770 – 1200 mm

You draw the hanging rail with of the pull rod down to you. A special mechanism helps to support the weight and to assist you in lowering and press it up again.

The load capacity is 10 kg.

Electric wardrobe lift 720

  • Simply fitted in wardrobe
  • Lowering of the wardrobe for comfortable reach of a seated person
  • System fitting to wardrobes from width 600 to 1600 mm sizes