Lifting platforms


Lifting platforms


  • Vertical lift for lower vertical barriers from one stair step to some meters


  • With the required product stair width, long stairways straight or curved ones can be overcome


  • Home lifts or public lifts with less use frequency. Platform elevators can be a space-saving and affordable solution compared to conventional lifts with rope technique with large volumes of technical space.

In buildings where the installation of an inclined elevator is not possible and the use of a large vertical lift is not necessary, since only a small amount needs to be overcome, lifting platforms are from two steps to up about 10 m for vertical transport of disabled people in wheelchairs, people with walking difficulties or baby stroller.
You save a lot of space against a fix ramp or vertical lift normally needs.


  • Efficient and comfortable solution for high barriers
  • robust and compact design
  • adaptable individual needs of the user
  • solutions can be selected on the financial aspects
  • adaptable to local conditions and location can
    be public or private
  • number of users

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